Lovely Lanvin in Tokyo, Week Two

My second week in Tokyo started out with a fabulous trip to Kappabashi, the kitchen district, with my friend Genia.  Now anyone who loves to cook as much as I do must be very careful when they pay a visit to Kappabashi.  You can really go crazy which is exactly what I did.  I had visited Kappabashi many times in the past but now that I have a food blog I think I paid a little more attention and I had a shopping list this time.  The first treasure I was on the hunt for was the bean shaped Magewappa bento box.  This type of wooden bento box runs about a hundred dollars and up and I found one in … [Read more...]

Lovely Lanvin in Tokyo, Week One

Well it's been a few weeks since I returned from Tokyo and as some of you already know, from following me on Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest and Instagram, I had a fabulous time.  From the time I landed at Narita airport, just as the clouds cleared for a picture perfect sunset, until I left, at the peak of cherry blossom season, every moment of every day was perfect.  Hubby greeted me at the airport with a kiss, an iced vanilla latte and Sakura (cherry blossom) macarons from Starbucks (yes Starbucks).  Of course I was beyond happy to see him and I was ecstatic to be back in Japan, the country … [Read more...]