Sukiyaki – Japanese Beef Hot Pot

It is perfect weather for Sukiyaki, don't you think?  I'm very traditional when it comes to certain Japanese dishes.  I do like to experiment as much as the next home cook but some things should not be messed with.  I'm talking about the perfect cold weather dish, Sukiyaki.  Many of my friends think I take this a bit too seriously but I want people to experience Japanese food the way I was able to growing up in Tokyo.  I want people who read my blog to know how a certain dish is supposed to taste.  There are so many restaurants now that take Japanese dishes and … [Read more...]

Yaki Curry Rice (Baked Japanese Curry Rice with Cheese)

Every family in Japan has their own special Curry Rice recipe that they make at home.  Some people like making it spicy and thick (me!) and some prefer it sweet and a little on the soupy side.  Believe it or not, Curry Rice is probably one of the most popular dishes in Japan and a favorite of kids and adults.  In all my years living and growing up in Japan, I have never met anyone that didn't like Curry Rice.  It was one of my favorite things to eat when I met up with friends at the local coffee shop after school and it's still something I love to make and eat today. Yaki Curry on the other … [Read more...]

Yakitori Donburi (Grilled Chicken over Rice)

Yakitori Donburi is at the top of the list of my favorite Japanese thing to eat.  When I was a child growing up in Tokyo, I was a really picky eater and yakitori was one of the only Japanese foods (besides curry rice) that my Parents could get me to eat.  There was a Yakitori stand in front of our favorite supermarket and every time I would go with my Mother she would buy me a couple of the yakitori skewers.  The taste of the grilled chicken and sweet soy sauce together was a match made in heaven, total yumminess!! When I started dating my now husband during college, he took me to a really … [Read more...]