Tsukune Teriyaki ~ Japanese Chicken Meatballs with a Teriyaki Glaze 鶏つくねの照り焼き

Sorry I know it's been WAY too long since my last post. I returned from my yearly Spring trip back to our Tokyo home in April and I was a little depressed. Of course I'm always happy to return to Seattle, back in our beautiful Bellevue home that I love and hugging our sweet puppy Kenshin but I'm always a little sad leaving Japan. I'm sad leaving my friends that I reunite with every time I'm back in Tokyo (who I met through social media!) and all of the fabulous food! Yes that's one of the real reasons I'm depressed. It takes me a couple months to get over it but planning my Fall trip helps. We … [Read more...]

Japanese Chicken Cutlet Sandwich ~ Chicken Katsu Sando チキン カツ サンド

Here is another yummy Katsu recipe for you to try!  Japanese Katsu, or cutlet, is usually associated with pork in Japan.  There is Tonkatsu, Hirekatsu and Katsudon, all use pork and I have recipes for all three here on my blog.  Chicken Katsu is something you did not see often at Tonkatsu restaurants in Japan when I was growing up.  There were a couple of places near the U.S. Military bases that did have Chicken Katsu on the menu because chicken is popular with the Americans who lived on the base and they'd always request it.  Lately I'm seeing it more and more in Japanese Tonkatsu … [Read more...]

Wafu Oroshi Hamburger Steak 和風おろしハンバーグ

I have another Japanese Hamburger Steak recipe to share with you and it is super yummy. The best way I like to describe Hamburger Steak is that it is like a mini meatloaf. You can find Hamburger Steak all over Japan and it is probably one of the most popular Yoshoku dishes on a Family Restaurant menu. Family Restaurants are Japan’s answer to the American chain-restaurant but with much better food. They are fairly large restaurants often with substantial parking lots and most are open twenty-four hours. Family restaurants generally serve a mix of Western, Yoshoku and Japanese cuisine. There … [Read more...]

Tonkatsu (Japanese deep-fried Pork Cutlet)

Here is my recipe for Japanese Pork Cutlet, or Tonkatsu.  I have a recipe on my blog for Hirekatsu which is the exact same recipe but uses pork tenderloin medallions instead of pork loin chops.  I wanted to include this recipe separately since Hirekatsu isn't as widely know here in the United States and many people have asked me for a Tonkatsu recipe.  You can also use a chicken breast instead of the pork chop to make Chicken Katsu.  Just make sure you pound the chicken breast out to a uniform thickness. Ingredients:  2 servings 2 boneless pork loin chops, trimmed of excess fat (I like … [Read more...]

Ebi Fry ~ Japanese Fried Shrimp

I have to tell you I'm crazy about shrimp.  Ask any of my friends and they will tell you this is true.  We even have special fried shrimp lunches at Etta's Seafood, a Tom Douglas restaurant, at least once a month.  They make an amazing fried shrimp basket that is perfection.  They coat their shrimp in Panko, a Japanese-style bread crumb, just like the Ebi Fry I get in Japan.  Panko has become very popular in the United States and is readily available in the Asian food section of most grocery stores now.  I think it gives the perfect, crunchy texture to anything deep-fried. My Mother always … [Read more...]

Japanese Hamburger Steak

Whenever I make Japanese Hamburger Steak for dinner my friends are always intrigued.  I know what they're thinking, Japanese hamburger steak, what is that?  Doesn't sound very Japanese does it?  I know I know, most people associate hamburgers with the typical American hamburger on a bun but Japanese hamburger steak is a little different.  First of all it's not on a bun and second it's usually served with rice on the side and probably closer to what we call meatloaf. In Japan, Hamburger Steak is a very popular dinnertime dish, a favorite bento ingredient and is loved by both kids and … [Read more...]