Beef and Japanese Eggplant with a Sesame Miso Sauce 牛肉となすのごまみそ炒め

One of my favorite cooking shows on TV is a daily 30 minute show called Kyo no Ryori or Today's Menu on the Japanese NHK Channel. Luckily it's also on TV Japan, the Japanese cable channel available through Comcast, so I'm able to watch it when I'm in Seattle too. Even when I'm at our Seattle home I probably watch Japanese TV about 80% of the time. I think it's so much better. The last couple of weeks on Today's Menu they've featured Japanese Eggplant dishes since Eggplant is in season right now. I love Eggplant and I really look forward to getting really good Japanese Eggplant during the … [Read more...]

Lobster Tails with a Japanese Miso Glaze

I love Miso and I think it tastes great on everything. It is such a versatile ingredient and it's nice seeing it on so many restaurant menus here in the United States now too. I am a fan of both red and white Miso and I like to combine the two to make an Awase (or mixed) Miso too. There are so many types of Miso and some come with Dashi in the Miso. I used a Kyoto Saikyo white Miso for this recipe but please go with the Miso of your choice. Miso really is a personal preference and you really have to taste a few different kinds before you find the one you really like. Marukome Miso is a … [Read more...]

Miso Chanko Nabe with Chicken Meatballs (Sumo Wrestler Hot Pot) ちゃんこ鍋

  First let me apologize for not posting since I travelled back to our Tokyo home in June. I know the people who follow me on Instagram and twitter knew what I was up to (and what I was eating) and always follow my trips back to Japan. It was a very busy Summer for me plus we had record breaking sunshine and heat in Seattle so we spent most of our time outdoors enjoying it. Hubby was also in Seattle for the entire month of August so time just flew by. Oh and another big thing happened. A new Coton de Tulear puppy named Kenshin joined our family in August and I've been busy with puppy … [Read more...]

Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen) with a Sesame Miso Sauce 冷やし中華ごまみそだれ

Hiyashi Chuka is a cold Ramen dish served during the hot and humid Summer months in Japan.  When the weather starts getting warm you will see Hiyashi Chuka posters popping up on the walls of every local Ramen shop.  This is a seasonal dish that you will only see during the Summer.  Hiyashi Chuka means "cold Chinese" in Japanese and I like to describe it as a cold ramen salad.  The noodles are the same noodles used in hot ramen but Hiyashi Chuka is topped with chilled fresh vegetables, shredded chicken, ham, roasted pork (Chashu) or seafood and a drizzle of sauce just to coat the ingredients … [Read more...]

Tofu Dengaku, Tofu with a Sweet Miso Sauce

Here's a simple tofu recipe that I wanted to post for those people who do not eat meat or who just love tofu, like me! I'm planning to post more meatless dishes in the future, I know I'm really lacking in that area. My Mother usually prepared meals with meat or seafood as the main ingredient so I really didn't have a lot of exposure to many meatless meals as a child. I do however prepare many meatless meals at home, at least three days out of the week on average. There are so many delicious options out there now and I love experimenting. I prepared Tofu Dengaku for our monthly Twitter Food … [Read more...]

Nasu Dengaku (roasted eggplant w/a sweet miso sauce)

This is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant!  This particular recipe is from my Japanese cooking Teacher in Tokyo.  Some people deep fry the eggplant but I prefer roasting it in the oven, tastes much better I think.  This recipe makes more sauce than you need, but it keeps well in the fridge and can be used on all kinds of veggies, firm tofu or even meat! for sauce 2 Tbs sugar 1 Tbs mirin 1/2 C Awase miso (mixed red & white miso) you can buy it already mixed or you can mix it yourself 1/4 C red miso and 1/4 C white miso 1 tsp hon-dashi powder or bonito powder For the roasted … [Read more...]