Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich たまごサンド

  I finally have a new blog post! Sorry about the long stretch but I was planning to do another post but then we had this three month long heatwave in Seattle (well maybe not THAT long but close) and since it involved hot soup I decided I shouldn't do that one right now. I'll wait until it cools down a little. We really didn't have a Spring this year it went right to Summer so unusual for Seattle. So I went with something that doesn't involve too much time in the kitchen and will be perfect for picnics or a Summertime lunch for the kids. I know many of you who follow me on social media and … [Read more...]

Japanese Chicken Cutlet Sandwich ~ Chicken Katsu Sando チキン カツ サンド

Here is another yummy Katsu recipe for you to try!  Japanese Katsu, or cutlet, is usually associated with pork in Japan.  There is Tonkatsu, Hirekatsu and Katsudon, all use pork and I have recipes for all three here on my blog.  Chicken Katsu is something you did not see often at Tonkatsu restaurants in Japan when I was growing up.  There were a couple of places near the U.S. Military bases that did have Chicken Katsu on the menu because chicken is popular with the Americans who lived on the base and they'd always request it.  Lately I'm seeing it more and more in Japanese Tonkatsu … [Read more...]

Japanese Potato Salad ポテトサラダ

I'm back in Seattle!  Yes I just returned from another trip back to our other home in Tokyo and it was filled with pretty pink cherry blossoms and of course, the best food ever.  I tweeted and instagramed every tiny morsel of food that I put in my mouth.  I always do this when I'm in Tokyo.  I guess I do the same thing when I'm in Seattle too.  Oh well what can I say?  I want everyone to enjoy the experience right along with me.  I think food tastes better when shared with friends don't you? When we are in Tokyo, and eating at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, I always have put … [Read more...]