Beef, Egg and Green Pea Fried Rice

On my last trip to Tokyo in October my hubby and I took a day trip to Yokohama. Yokohama has a very special place in our hearts. First of all it's hubby's hometown. He was born and raised in Yokohama. Second it's where we had our first date, a picnic at Yamashita Park. Hubby and I first met right out of college and when we started dating he wanted to make sure I knew every inch of his hometown so most of our time together was spent exploring this beautiful and exciting city. I fell in love with Yokohama instantly. I didn't cook as much back then as I do now. I had just moved out on my own … [Read more...]

Gyudon Japanese Beef Bowl

I'm heading back to Tokyo soon and I'm really in a Donburi mood.  My last post was Katsudon and now I'm going to tell you about another favorite Donburi (Rice Bowl) Gyudon, or Japanese Beef Bowl.  Gyudon chains are scattered throughout Japan but I have never been a fan of chain restaurants and have only eaten at the very popular Gyudon chain Yoshinoya once.  That was enough for me.  Gyudon chains are considered cheap eats in Japan and the meat they use is very low quality. When I first met hubby he was a struggling Engineering student.  He worked and went to school full time and barely had … [Read more...]

Katsudon (Japanese Pork Cutlet over Rice)

Let me tell you how much I love Katsudon.  I really really love it.  I love it so much that it's always one of the first things I eat as soon as I land in Tokyo.  Katsu is short for Tonkatsu, or deep fried pork cutlet and Don is short for Donburi, or bowl.  I rarely make Katsudon at home.  Growing up in Japan I had the best Katsudon all around me and I could eat it whenever I wanted.  It was always something we went out to eat when I was a child.  Mom never made it at home because it was so much easier to go out and eat it at the local Katsu restaurant around the corner or call and have it … [Read more...]

Tonkatsu (Japanese deep-fried Pork Cutlet)

Here is my recipe for Japanese Pork Cutlet, or Tonkatsu.  I have a recipe on my blog for Hirekatsu which is the exact same recipe but uses pork tenderloin medallions instead of pork loin chops.  I wanted to include this recipe separately since Hirekatsu isn't as widely know here in the United States and many people have asked me for a Tonkatsu recipe.  You can also use a chicken breast instead of the pork chop to make Chicken Katsu.  Just make sure you pound the chicken breast out to a uniform thickness. Ingredients:  2 servings 2 boneless pork loin chops, trimmed of excess fat (I like … [Read more...]

Stir-fry Sukiyaki Udon

Welcome to the new!  I hope you love the new design as much as I do.  I thought this was a good time to freshen up my blog since it is my blogs' second anniversary.  Yes it's been two years already and I can't believe it.  It has been so much fun and I look forward to sharing more of my Japanese recipes and life in Tokyo and Seattle with all of you.  Thank you for your support on this journey.  My Blog and your continued support and encouragement have really helped me have more confidence in myself.  I am very grateful to you all.  Now for a new post! It is nearly … [Read more...]

Korokke ~ Japanese Beef and Potato Croquettes

I have to tell you I'm very excited.  First Hubby was back in Seattle again last week for a few days on his way to California and second I'm off to Tokyo soon!  I cannot wait.  I've been making a list of the restaurants and cafes I'm planning to visit.  The list is full of old favorites and a few new places that I can't wait to try on this next trip.  The list is getting very long and I'm only there for fifteen days.  But there are three meals in a day right?  I'm thinking I'll be able to get to most of them. I know most of you might not know much about Japan or Tokyo but I'm sure you do … [Read more...]

Okonomiyaki – Japanese Savory Pancake, Osaka Style

Ok I'm finally doing an Okonomiyaki post.  Ever since I started my blog, a year and a half ago, I've been asked over and over about posting an Okonomiyaki recipe and I promised I would, someday.  I make it often and when I do I always post photos on Twitter or Facebook and get so many requests for the recipe.  Well I decided to make Okonomiyaki my first post of 2012.  It is definitely my favorite dish ever and I know it will become one of yours too.  There are many shortcuts to making Okonomiyaki but I don't recommend any of them.  I see so many recipes out there using a mix, or Okonomiyaki … [Read more...]

Ebi Fry ~ Japanese Fried Shrimp

I have to tell you I'm crazy about shrimp.  Ask any of my friends and they will tell you this is true.  We even have special fried shrimp lunches at Etta's Seafood, a Tom Douglas restaurant, at least once a month.  They make an amazing fried shrimp basket that is perfection.  They coat their shrimp in Panko, a Japanese-style bread crumb, just like the Ebi Fry I get in Japan.  Panko has become very popular in the United States and is readily available in the Asian food section of most grocery stores now.  I think it gives the perfect, crunchy texture to anything deep-fried. My Mother always … [Read more...]

Menchi Katsu

While many people here in the United States have heard of Tonkatsu most have not heard of Menchi Katsu.  Menchi means mince in Japanese and Katsu means cutlet.  So basically Menchi Katsu is a minced meat patty that is breaded in flour, egg, panko and deep-fried.  When I first started on Twitter a couple of years ago I tweeted about how I missed the Menchi Katsu at my favorite restaurant in Tokyo and was planning on making it that night for dinner.  After that tweet I received many questions asking me about Menchi Katsu.  I thought to myself at the time that I really needed to share my Menchi … [Read more...]

Kimchi and Bacon Fried Rice

There was always Kimchi (Korean spicy fermented cabbage or turnip) around when I was growing up.  I feel very fortunate to have been exposed to Japanese and Korean cuisine from a very early age.  Actually I can't remember a time when there wasn't Kimchi around our house.  My Mom always had at least two types of Kimchi in the refrigerator at all times.  I love her Kimchi the best of course and I'm so lucky to have my Parents living nearby so I still get Mom's homemade Kimchi regularly.  Last week Mom brought me a large jar of the napa cabbage Kimchi (extra spicy this time) and I knew exactly … [Read more...]

Tofu Dengaku, Tofu with a Sweet Miso Sauce

Here's a simple tofu recipe that I wanted to post for those people who do not eat meat or who just love tofu, like me! I'm planning to post more meatless dishes in the future, I know I'm really lacking in that area. My Mother usually prepared meals with meat or seafood as the main ingredient so I really didn't have a lot of exposure to many meatless meals as a child. I do however prepare many meatless meals at home, at least three days out of the week on average. There are so many delicious options out there now and I love experimenting. I prepared Tofu Dengaku for our monthly Twitter Food … [Read more...]

Oyako-don, Japanese Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl

Oyako-don literally means parent-and-child Donburi (chicken and the egg, get it?) or a Japanese rice bowl in which chicken, egg, green onions and other ingredients are simmered together and served on top of a big bowl of steaming hot rice.  Donburi are always one of the first dishes I eat when I go back to Tokyo for a visit.  They are just pure comfort food to me and I get a big smile on my face as soon as I take that first luscious bite.  So if you see "Don" at the end of a dish's name on a menu in a Japanese restaurant that is short for Donburi and means it is a one bowl meal served over … [Read more...]