Corn Rice とうもろこし ご飯

I just returned from three fabulous weeks at our Tokyo home in Azabujuban and it was so hard returning to the United States even though I love our Seattle home just as much. Whenever anyone asks me which city I like better I really can't choose one. I love both places so much I guess that's why we have to live in two cities. I am happy to be out of the Tokyo humidity though. Seattle wins the best Summer weather in the world category hands down. Nothing beats Summer in Seattle. I was able to enjoy so many Summertime treats in Tokyo since I rarely go back this time of year (it's that humidity … [Read more...]

Japanese Grilled Corn on the Cob 焼きとうもろこし

Summer is almost here and I'll be taking off and heading to our Tokyo home in a couple of weeks!  I am super excited about this trip since I didn't go back in the Spring during cherry blossom season like I usually do every year.  I rarely go back in the Summer.  Since we moved to Seattle, who has the best Summer in the world by the way, I can't handle Tokyo's heat and humidity.  Yes I'm a wimp.  I told hubby I'll just hang out in the Department Store Depachika (gourmet food floor), eat shaved ice and nosh on all of the other cool Summer treats Tokyo has to offer.  In an air conditioned room of … [Read more...]